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StopLazy Lifestyle Forum Astana

Another big event was organized by our team this summer. For this time it was held in the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana city. Our new product is StopLazy Lifestyle Forum. This is the forum that gathered together 8 experts in different fields in […]

France. 300 people. Public Speaking.

Yeah! We did it! This year, we presented the principal product of our organization – utter conference named “Public Speaking 2016”. Indeed, the event went perfectly. After all, we worked entirely with professionals: beginning with the security (After the striking attack in Paris there […]

The Workshop at the School of Entrepreneurship in Astana

On December 20th the School of Entrepreneurship in Astana (SEA) headed by Vitaly Sapphire, invited our project “StopLazy” to conduct a workshop on communication and public speaking.

150 people and “Public speaking” in Astana

It was something unbelievable! Yes! Our master class in Astana brought together above 150 people, who sat on the stage, even on the floor and still stayed satisfied. This time three of us held MC “Public Speaking” with Dastan Sagatov and Artem Sergazinov, who […]

Online-Project [Pendal] and StopLazy

This time in cooperation with the founder of business-school of Astana Vitally Sapfir “StopLazy” represented combined course how to set and achieve goals [Pendal]. Sessions were held online in webinar rooms. Marathon lasted for 30 days. The sense was that, me and Vitally personally […]