France. 300 people. Public Speaking. |

France. 300 people. Public Speaking.

The Workshop at the School of Entrepreneurship in Astana
StopLazy Lifestyle Forum Astana

France. 300 people. Public Speaking.


Yeah! We did it! This year, we presented the principal product of our organization – utter conference named “Public Speaking 2016”. Indeed, the event went perfectly. After all, we worked entirely with professionals: beginning with the security (After the striking attack in Paris there is a huge need for security systems for any event) and ending with photographers and videographers. Turning to our speakers, they are just godsend professionals.

Well, who was with us on March 23:

✔ Ethan Shovrel –  The winner of competition involving the speech in a court on the level of the region Bretagne.
✔ Christophe Renzao – Businessman, who came without nothing from Africa, and now he is the founder of two companies, the president of several associations; he actualized many things due to his communication and presentation skills.
✔ Luc Ruan – Professional life coach, who is accredited by international coaching certificates, works with politicians, actors and other people of this level by preparing speech for them and putting presentations. He came from Paris for our conference in Kazakhstan.
✔ Vadim Kosterev – founder and ideologist of the project StopLazy.

This time the hall was for 500 people, and 300 of them were busy:)

“It was really something very cool! That energy, which reigned in the room, just surprised me. People were ready to go on the stage and work on themselves. We danced together, worked in groups, worked with the whole hall. The very first major step was made on the French land and we believe this is the beginning. Our product benefits people, and I will make maximum effort to keep as many people as possible to be able to speak competently in public.”
Vadim Kosterev

It was a great challenge for the project, to make the event enjoyable, having the residents who are actual professionals in this field, and so that people would get interested in this project. Let us see how it was:

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